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Fall 1-8-2020

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Aramide, K.O., Ajibola R.E., Alarape, A.A. & Tomori O. (2019) Achieving organization objectives through management information system in organizations. Library Philosophy and Practice


In recent times there has been a growing concern on management information as a very important resource useful in any organization. The realization of the management information system (MIS) need is not restricted to business organization only. The growth and the complexity of organizations have necessitated the call and need for an effective and efficient management information system. There have been wide spread cases of inefficient decision making, lack of accurate information, which shatter the efforts of an organization towards the achievement of goals and objectives. This paper will unveil the effects of management information system (MIS) on the achievement of the overall objectives of the organization. That is to ascertain whether management information system has helped to facilitate decision making of management and to determine the extent to which it has enabled the planning, control and operational functions of the organization to train the standard of efficiency required from good management. The paper concluded that both public and private sectors must be committed to seeking formal or organized information before taking decisions. It was recommended that accurate information should be taken into consideration in order to enhance better performance and also that top and middle level management staff should be properly trained to formulate appropriate decision making strategies