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Winter 12-8-2019



The Editor

Warm Greetings,

I am Md.Safiqur Rahaman, PhD Research Scholar, I would like to submit my research work “Research Performance in the field of big data in India: A Scientometric analysis based on Scopus database. I have found that this study is very suitable for your Journal and scope and area of interest is same. I also would like to mention that this entire research is my original work and I took all possible measures for plagiarism.

I hope you will find this study interesting and worthwhile to publish.

Hoping for a positive response from your end.

Thanks and Regards

Md. Safiqur Rahaman

Kumaun University


Abstract: The present study has been carried out to find out the research performance in the field of big data in India during 2010-2019 as indexed in the Scopus database. A total 7502 research publication has been found in the Scopus during the 10 years period of 2010-2019 and were downloaded for analyze with the help of Microsoft excel and vosviewer. The study also provide comparative performance of different Scientometric parameters including total research productivity, yearly research output, authorship pattern, International collaboration, Institution wise collaboration, Degree of collaboration, RGR & DT, Source wise research publication, Subject wise publication, and most prolific authors etc. The study revealed that publication in the field of big data has increased exponentially during the study periods of 2010-2019. Most of the researcher published in conference papers i. e. 53.57% (2019). It is also observed that most preferred subject of the researcher is “Computer Science”. The relative growth rate decreased from 2010 (0.73) to 2019 (0.25) While the doubling time of the publication increased from 0.95 in 2010 to 2.72 in 2019. The Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing has 422 (5.62%) publications and is the more popular source of publications on big data research publication in India and the degree of collaboration is 0.93. It has been considered that the scientific research production in the field of big data is increasing exponentially due to the collaboration among the researcher from different subjects.



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