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Winter 12-20-2019


Media is the fourth element of power in four pillars of power in democratic countries. Power in a democratic country not only consists of the government or is called an executive, legislative power, judicial power, and press power.

In this connection, the study carried out is a qualitative study concerning which the press is expected to function as oversight and control of power. Qualitative research is carried out by observing, interviewing, and studying documents. 1. How is the existence of journalism supervision in the practice of journalism in land evictions for NYIA airport? 2. Why do residents of Temon Village and Glagah Village reject the eviction of land for NYIA airport? 3. How is the government's policy in evicting land for the construction of the NYIA Airport?

The results of the research carried out are. 1. Events reported the media confirms the role of supervision journalism in mentoring a very large community. 2. People do not feel they have defended by the media in Yogyakarta, but the news is massively carried out by national media published in Jakarta. 3. The government assessing the construction of the NYIA Airport must be carried out by stating provide appropriate compensation to the people of Temon Village.



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