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Spring 12-10-2019

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This paper is a scientometric study focus on the publications on the title of e-resources based on Scopus database during the period of 1993-2018. A total 167 research articles were published on the title e-resources during the study period. The maximum numbers of publications 24 were published in 2013 followed by 21 in the year 2012. A fluctuation was found in annual growth rate during the period of study. The highest AGR is in the year 2009 with 800. The most prolific author was Bhardwaj, R.K. contributing 6 publications, followed by Bhat, N.A. and Tripathi, M. scored second rank in the list with 5 publications. It was found that the leading source title is Desidoc Journal of Library and Information Technology with 31 publications, leading keyword is e-resources with 52 publications and leading affiliation is University of Delhi with 12 publications. It found that the single most prevalent type of publications was journal articles, in which 115(68.86%) of the total publications was published.