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The present study analyzed 11681 global publications on feminism published from 2000 to 2017. The Scopus citation database was used to extract the required data. After analysis of the data it is found that the highest contribution in feminism research takes the form of journal articles. It is observed that the publications are steadily growing. The top 15 countries accounted for as much as 83 % global publications share. The United States topped the list with highest share (37.45%) of publications. The highest Relative Citation Impact (RCI) is contributed by London School of Economics and Political Science. The highly preferred journals predominantly belong to United States and United Kingdom. On the basis of study it is noticed that, the European countries, authors, journals, and universities have dominated the feminism research realm during the reported period. The study reported care, feminist theory, masculinity, race, black feminism, freedom, science, nationalism, third wave feminism etc. as the research hotspot in the feminism field.