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Winter 12-11-2019


The purpose of this present study was to determine the level of personal characteristics of library professionals on their job performance in four University libraries in Varanasi. The personal characteristics consists of gender and work experience. In this study, the survey research design was adopted to investigate the level of these variables on the job performance of a sample of library professionals from the four university library in Varanasi. The questionnaire was used for data collection. Descriptive statistics were used to analyze the collected data for this study. The results revealed that most of the library and information professionals have an average level of job performance. For data collection was used 14 items questionnaire “Employee level of job performance”. The instrument was validated and a reliability coefficient of +.99 was obtained using test method. Hypotheses were tested using the Chi-square statistical tool. It was also found that there is no association between gender and level of job performance and experience increases the performance of library professionals in University libraries in Varanasi. The recommendations were also made based on the findings of the present study.



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