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Winter 12-11-2019


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ABSTRACT This study examined librarians’ attitude towards the use of ICT in selected academic libraries in Kwara State. Descriptive survey research design was adopted. The population of the study consist of all the librarians in University of Ilorin, Kwara State University and Al-hikma University which gives a total number of 51 librarians. A structured questionnaire was developed to elicit information from the 51 librarians from the selected academic libraries in Kwara State, out of which 49 copies of the questionnaire were completely filled and return. The data collected were analyzed with the use of frequency counts, percentages and PPMC. The results of the study revealed that computer, projector, OPAC among others are the ICT facilities available in the selected library. Most importantly, librarians in the study have positive attitudes towards the use of ICT, and there is a significant relationship between attitude and use of ICT among the librarians. Furthermore, the study found that inadequate funding, poor infrastructural facilities among others are the challenges that librarians encountered while using ICT facilities. The study recommended that adequate funds be made available to the libraries, and there should be alternative for the epileptic power supply.