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Background: It is of great importance to identify the talented students in the Scientific Olympiad and pay attention to the upgrade of the quality of these competitions.‏

Aims: The purpose of this study was to explain the experiences of students about the Medical Students' Scientific Olympiad.

Methods: This research was a phenomenological qualitative study. Data were collected by open questionnaire (27 students) and semi-structured interview (13 students) who was selected in the Medical Students' Scientific Olympiad. The analyzing of information was performed using the clayze method.

Results: Students' experiences were divided into two main themes, including motivating and restrictive factors. The scientific level, planning and implementation, and welfare issues were obtained as the three main categories by analyzing data. The participants suggested four recommendations of holding, side plans, facilities and the notification results.

Conclusion: Students' experiences showed that the Medical Students' Scientific Olympiad in Iran is still at an early stage that challenges further the level of knowledge. Therefore, it is necessary to educate the academic facility to be able to design questions with high taxonomy. Also, the attention to the side programs, welfare amenities, and recreational programs, which are the motivating factors for the students to participate in these competitions.