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This study examined the influence of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on the behaviour of Adolescent students. It is limited to the adolescent students of three secondary schools namely: Emmanuel Baptist College, Chapel Secondary School and Union Baptist Grammar School. The study was guided by five objectives which are: to examine Information and Communication Technology as a factor influencing Adolescent Students’ Behaviour in three secondary schools in the Ilorin metropolis, to identify some Adolescent Students’ Behaviours exhibited in the schools, to determine the influence of ICT on adolescent Males and adolescent females in the Ilorin Metropolis, to identify the positive and negative behaviours exhibited by adolescents in the Ilorin Metropolis as a result of the influence of ICT, to examine the influence of ICT on adolescents’ motivation and engagement in learning for both early and late adolescents in the Ilorin Metropolis. A descriptive survey design of correlation was adopted and questionnaires were used to collect data. The data collected were analysed using frequencies, tables and percentages and Pearson Product Moment Correlation was used to test the hypothesis. The study concluded that no adolescent student in this age is free from the influence of Information and communication technology. The study made these recommendations: Parents, mentors, teachers, librarians and information managers should be able to control the kind of information accessed by Adolescent Students using ICT and its devices; there should be age restrictions to the access of certain multimedia that can influence negative behaviours in Adolescent Students; proper guidance on how to use of ICT should be given to Adolescent Students so that they can use it for the right reasons; self-discipline; general access to the use of ICT should only be granted at a suitable ages.

KEY WORDS: Information Communication Technology (ICT), Adolescent Students Behaviour, Ilorin, Metropolis



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