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This study provides some perspective on the role of Internet on undergraduate Student’s Academic Performance in Federal University of Technology, Minna library The variables discussed include, internet and academic performance. the objective of this study includes; To find out how the undergraduate student performance academically with the use internet, to identify the information resources that would help them on better academic performance, to find out the availability of wireless network for students to access the internet. The research questions used includes; How do undergraduate students perform academically with the use of internet, what are the information resources to aid academic performance, are there available wireless network for students to access the internet in Federal university of technology Minna library. This research adopted survey research deign which was based on Descriptive research design called correlation survey research method. The instrument use for data collection was through the administration of questionnaires formulated to guide the study. Random sampling technique was used to select a population of 397 students from the population of 19,421 and all copies of questionnaire were filled and found useful for analysis. Descriptive Statistics were used to analyse the data and Inferential Statistics of PPMC were used to determine the relationship between the variables. The hypothesis was tested and the findings revealed that a positive correlation exists between the role of internet and academic performance at p-value=0.05 The study concluded that the role of internet on academic performance is critical for students to attain high academic achievement independently. The study further recommended that efficient internet infrastructure should be provided in decentralized manner in tertiary institutions with ease of access and departmental access points. Based on the findings, the study also recommended that the parent institution should employ competent staff to attend to students who have challenges with internet access so as to ease their various information seeking behaviour on the internet.

Keywords: Internet, Under-graduate students, Academic Performance, Federal University of Technology. Minna



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