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Winter 11-2019


Scientometrics is a quantitative analysis of scholarly literature related to a particular subject or area (well defined by some limits, scope and coverage), which helps to understand different aspects about the scholarly literature’s growth in various dimensions of knowledge. Similarly, this study is a quantitative analysis of the Global research trends in cyber security. Some works related to scientometrics of ‘deception, counter-deception in cyberspace’ had been published in 2011, but we have focused on ‘cyber security’ as the topic of research. For analysis we have utilised the published data available in Scopus database, which is directly related to ‘cyber security’. The data of 2720 documents published on ‘cyber security’ for the period of 2001-2018, have been retrieved from the Scopus database. We have calculated and tabulated various quantitative indicators from the data; then, we have plotted different graphs for these indicators to understand the growth pattern, collaborations, citations, authorship, countrywise contributions, funding, affiliations etc. We found that the United States of America has the highest number of publications in the area of cyber security research followed by the United Kingdom, China, and India. It can be seen as a result of the fact that among the top 15 funding agencies eight funding agencies are from the USA only. Contrary to this, India is the fourth highest contributor in cyber security research with comparatively meagre funding. Further we have also discussed how collaboration has grown over the years with the publication growth and citation growth. We have also found that Cybersecurity has a growing trend of collaboration in research. This study concludes that Indian defence need to focus on Cybersecurity and plan strategically for the future with effective collaborations. Best defence strategy in the cyberspace is preventive measures supported by continuous research.



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