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Summer 12-15-2019


Abstract - Audit it is formed in monitoring and controlling the infrastructure of information technology as a whole. And it can also be carried out simultaneously in financial audits and internal audits, as well as in monitoring and evaluating other similar activities. Which aims to help organizations follow best practices so that their information stays safe. In this journal, we have the objective of planning a library of information systems security audit at UIN Sunan Ampel from the sheets at the time of the interview and documents derived from the results obtained when collecting data. The library is a unit to carry out the existing technical at UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya. With the implementation of the existing information system, audit planning, audit implementation, and known levels of security must be made as well as making recommendations based on audit security results.

In this study the research method used is Cobit 4.1 using the DS domain (Delivery and Support) and using the DS3 process (managing performance and capacity) and DS5 (ensuring system security). The process of collecting data is based on observation, interviews, making and distributing questionnaires. In making and distributing questionnaires which are divided into: questionnaire I on existing to present the condition of UINSA Digilib UIN Surabaya, questionnaire II management awareness to present who care about library management to the UINSA Digilib, and questionnaire III maturity level is useful to present the maturity level of UINSA Digilib today and hope for the future. At these stages using the audit process is the stage of analyzing the existing conditions, the stage of determining the level of risk, the stage that determines the level of maturity, compiling recommendations, testing the recommendations, and making a model on governance .

At UINSA Digilib there are still many shortcomings produced. then these deficiencies become the basis for making recommendations that contain reports that are produced by audits, improvements that are based on the level of maturity and new governance models.

Keywords / Keywords: UINSA, Cobit 4.1, Digital Library, Audit



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