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In the digital era, Instagram is used by celebrities to participate in political contestation. Starting from incumbent celebrities to new celebrities who are running for politics, they use Instagram as a campaign media in the 2019 election. The presence of Instagram is a new alternative to revolutionizing political campaigns. Their popularity as a celebrity and celebgram made it easier for them to be able to built their image themselves and be able to win votes in their constituents. This study aims to see the use of Instagram by Indonesian celebrity politicians in influencing public attitudes and views that not only are they popular but they can also carry out their duties as people's representatives. By using the method of text analysis on instagram feeds celebrity women politicians who focus on various elements, including framing political ideologies through personal life displayed in the form of struggles the women politicians is facing in applying political values and ideology of political parties. The result of this study illustrates that the presence of Instagram media has inspired celebrity politicians to use isntagram as a "two-way" campaign media between politicians and voters. The campaign revolution was driven by intense voter behavior in using Instagram, as well as being more aware and reactive to political issues. On isntagram, women celebrity politicians put themselves as "political celebrities" by displaying that they are the main political players in various posts. This analysis highlights the effects and implications of the online political campaign revolution in Indonesia. In general, it offers an indispensable display on image-based e-politicking and contributes to academic literature on social media, permanent campaigns, as well as celebrities and politics in Indonesia.