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Spring 12-19-2019


The study examined the challenges hindering library services automation and measures for speeding up the automation process. The study was conducted at the Institute of Adult Education (IAE) in Dar es Salaam region. The choice of the study area based on the availability of large library compared to those in other regional centres. Data were gathered 76 respondents using questionnaire as the main data collection method. Findings revealed that the challenges hindering library services automation at the institute of adult education are Lack of good planning, Inadequate communication between participants, Weak participation to both library staff and library users, Lack of enough ICT staff, Lack of seriousness, Poor categorization of responsibility, Lack of reliable power supply, Lack of priorities, Lack of enough support and Lack of enough library representation to the Institute of Adult Education management. Furthermore, the study the measures for speeding up the automation process include the following having a Standby generator, soliciting fund for automation process, imparting ICT skills to some of library staff, Use of KOHA open source software for automation, having adequate involvement and communication between participants, Library should be highly supported, Total representation of library to IAE library management, Increase seriousness, Priorities should be implemented, Library should have stable budget and conducting orientation to IAE administrators. Based on the findings, the study recommends that the IAE management should take appropriate measures to address the identified challenges in order to speed up the automation of library services at the Institute of Adult Education.



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