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Winter 1-1-2020


The main objective of this paper is to evaluate the websites of social science research institutions in India; especially Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) sponsored institutions and ranked them accordingly. Using various online SEO tools websites of these institutes have been analysed. Gujarat Institute of Development Research holds the numero uno status on the basis of Simple Web Impact Factor (0.6736) and Internal-link Web Impact Factor (0.6551). Institute for Studies in Industrial Development holds the rank one position on the basis of External-link Web Impact Factor of 0.0404. Centre for Policy Research with 53 Domain Authority score and Page Authority score of 49 tops the list in both cases and signifies the website’s good rank on search engine result pages. Search engines often display the meta description in search results where they can highly influence user click-through rates but it is reallyunfortunate that out of the 29 institutes only 6 have used meta tags in their websites. Giri Institute of Development Studies and Centre for Development Studies hold the top ranks in SEO score and speed score categories respectively. Centre for Policy Research with the GPR of 3,52,513 tops the list among all the institutes. Link topology of the websites reflects that Giri Institute of Development Studies ( is linked with 5 other research institutes.