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This paper describes the way of assigning pure notations for the Personality Facet, Level 4 [P4] ie. Work Facet, in Literature subject [O]. The provisions are given by S.R.Ranganathan, who has structured various editions of Colon Classification Scheme for documents classification in the libraries. According to S.R.Ranganathan (1960), the subjects associated with the Work Facet [P4] in Literature should be constructed based on certain rules. The classifier should keep those rules in their mind while constructing work number of author for the literature related documents. The rule says that the notation should be allotted for this level [P4] based on the works range of the authors. ie. Author works within/equal to 8, author works within/equal to 64 and above 8, author works within/equal to 512 and above 64. As per the instructions given by S.R.Ranganathan, the notations have been structured here for the authors who have different work numbers. The tables have been structured under the headings Works: 1 to 8, Works: 1 to 64, Works: 1 to 512 and Works: 1 to 4096. The rules let the classifiers to formulate the notations for the works of authors without limitations. The divisions of the group numbers are infinite. Colon Classification Scheme lets the classifiers to construct the notations for any number of works of author whose works fall under the Work facet [P4]. Worked out exercises for a few select authors’ works have been vouched here along with the identified notations using the structured tables. The extended device fulfils the demands of Canons for array in Idea Plane and Canons for work in the Notational Plane. The canons such as canon of helpful sequence, canon of consistent sequence, canon of synonym, canon of homonym, canon of co-extensiveness, canon of extrapolation in array have been satisfied by this device. S.R.Ranganathan’s brilliance in Mathematics works well here to form the notations for the Work [P4] facet in a systematic way. His future predictions are awesome and extraordinary.