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Winter 1-10-2020


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The study has investigated the application and utilization of ICT in the degree college libraries of Assam. Two sets of structured questionnaires have prepared to collect the data from the respondents. The questionnaires were distributed to 192 colleges, out of which 126 colleges have responded. Again, user questionnaires were distributed to 784 users of different colleges, out of which 540 questionnaires have received. The findings of the study have revealed that the use of ICT in college libraries has improved the management of library activities. The users’ opinion on the use of ICT in college libraries is found satisfactory. The main problems to implement ICT in the college libraries are due to lack of IT skilled manpower, inadequate training in ICT applications and lack of IT infrastructure and network facilities. The study has suggested that hardware and software facilities should be upgraded regularly to improve the additional features while delivering library services in the ICT environment.



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