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Delta State



This study examines status of school libraries in state capitals in Nigeria, using Asaba, Delta state, Nigeria as a case study. The total population for this study comprised of one thousand, one hundred and eighty (1,180) male and female staff who as at the time of this study are working in secondary and primary schools in Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria. 118 respondents were drawn from the total population using random sampling technique. Questionnaire was used to collect data and a total of 118 questionnaires were distributed, all were duly completed and found usable therefore there was 100% response rate. The data collected for this study was analyzed using simple percentage and frequency counts. The study found that information bearing materials such as science textbooks, arts textbooks, business and commercial textbooks, vocational subject texts, English dictionaries and other reference books and magazines are available but outdated and insufficient in school libraries in Asaba, Delta State. It is also clear from the study that reading tables, reading chairs and shelves are available and sufficient, whereas fans and display racks are available but insufficient and air conditionals are not available in school libraries in Asaba. This study also revealed that only few staff of school libraries in Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria are qualified library personnel (librarians) while majority of the staff working in school libraries in Asaba are not professional library staff signifying that the quality of manpower in school libraries in Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria is very poor. In view of the findings, the researcher recommends that the management of school libraries should as a matter of urgency priorities the acquisition of current textbook on all subject areas for the consumption of their staff and students, the government and school library management in Asaba should endeavor to employ qualified staff (librarians) to work in their school libraries. This is to allow for quality, timely and effective service delivery in school libraries and will also guarantee the proper care and safety of the information resources available in school libraries among others.