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Winter 4-4-2020


The paper was presented on 19th Annual Conference/AGM of Nigeria Library Association, Enugu State Chapter which held on Wed.4th - Fri 6th Dec.2019 at Enugu State Central Library, Market Road, Enugu, Nigeria.


The purpose of this study was to explore the utilization of e-reference services by the students with disabilities in federal universities in the South East, Nigeria. A survey method using interview style data collection method was deemed appropriate than administering a questionnaire. The interview was done with the help of our colleagues in the studied universities. All of the disabled student users were requested to participate in the study. Using interview style method, 207 disabled library users were used. Findings showed that the only e-reference service available to students with disabilities is e-mail e-reference service. It was also found that among all the listed items for the extent of use of e-reference, it was only email service that the respondents use to a very low extent. it was also discovered that the most common constraints faced by disabled student users in terms of utilising e-reference services was that most electronic reference resources are designed for normal users and high cost of buying and equipping electronic reference resources for disabled users. Inability of government to pass disability discrimination act by the federal government among others were also discovered to militate against the use of e-reference services by disabled students Findings also reveals that People with disabilities should be included in the system design that will facilitate universal accessibility and usability. Further analysis showed that respondents agreed that Web based library services should be introduced to the disabled users. Also, the result showed that the national assembly should enact library act in order to force libraries to have provisions for the disabled user and that the disabled users should be given unsolicited assistance by the library staff.