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Winter 1-17-2020


INTRODUCTION: Libraries in the global era have been challenged to take the advantage of technology tools to provide unhindered library and information services beyond borders. OBJECTIVES: The main objective of the study is to assess the level of ICT applications in Oyo State Academic Libraries (OYSALs), Nigeria. Specific objectives are to: find out level of computerization of library systems and digitization of library resources, including the software adopted in OYSALs, find out availability of electronic information resources, services and facilities for accessing them and ascertain the respondents’ capabilities to provide global library and information service delivery by the year 2025. METHODOLOGY: Total enumeration technique was adopted involving a total of 12 academic libraries in the State. Questionnaire was used for data collection and was analyzed using SPSS. Descriptive statistics with percentages and frequency counts was used. RESULTS: Of the 12 OYSALs surveyed, 11 libraries eventually participated in the study (91.67%). Levels of computerization varied: Fully computerized libraries were just 9.1%. 72.7% indicated computerization in progress and 27.3% was yet to commence. For digitization, only 4 (36.4%) had commenced the process. For software adopted, 1(9.1%) chose VTLS, 36.4% adopted KOHA and 9.1% used Library Plus. Availability of electronic resources, 9 (81.8%) indicated having e-Books and Journals accessible via various databases and internet. The respondents’ extrapolation for having the capacities to provide global library and information service delivery by the year 2025 was overwhelming (n = 9: 81.8%). CONCLUSION: With the survey results, level of ICT use was impressive. However, it can be concluded that many of the libraries studied need to accelerate actions on computerization and digitization projects if actually determined to achieve global services by the year 2025.



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