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Website is the face of an organization or institution. This webometrics Analysis is important idea on the Institutional Digital Repositories (IDR) in Southern Asia. This paper presents to highlight the Digital Items/Total Titles with various scores and Web ranking of the IDR in Southern Asia. and SocScibot4 are Use for data collection and designing self-link, in-link, external link and mapping visualization of this sites. In this study, a selected search engine (Google) is used to find out the number of link webpages in each IDR in Southern Asia with different types of links i.e. hyperlinks (self-link, in-link and external link). Five special key words like site:URL/site Address, link:URL/site Address, link:URL/site Address AND site:URL/site Address, link:URL/site Address NOT site:URL/site Address and link:URL/site Address AND NOT site:URL/site Address (five Boolean search statement methods) used to collect data for each IDR in Southern Asia and an advanced tool SocScibot4 is used for link network visualization.



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