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Introduction: The aim of the study was to survey the degree of cell phone use with their dependence to it and the social alienation of young teenagers.

Methods: It was a review, a survey type and in terms of application it was an observatory research on correlation between cell phone usages with student alienation in 2020.

Results: The results of the research showed that there is a relationship between the degree of cell phone dependence with social alienation among users and mostly young teenagers.

Conclusion: Young teenagers use cell phone much and incorrectly in some ways and times. This form of using with no more programs and freely can be called misuse of technology application and also it showed that there was a relationship between the degrees of cell phone use with the amount of feeling powerless, anomalous, senseless, social isolation or other items of social alienation. This cannot be true and correct, then a way should be found out of it.



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