Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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In the present era of information explosion, the library, in all forms (academic, public, special etc.) acts as the inseparable part of the society and brain of the academic institution. As the quality of education is mostly judged by the quality of libraries of a particular nation. Besides this these (libraries) can help in the close examination of growth and development. Although with the introduction of world wide web, the position of the library does not appears to be the same. It (web) gives rise to a Generation of users (library users) who now perceive the web technology as the most familiar, convenient and expedient source of information. Meanwhile the library has a role here in the digital world as with print, in encouraging access paths to quality. But such role (s) need to be realized by the authorities is quite essential. So that these (libraries) stay relevant. The paper attempts to provide an insight regarding awareness, use and frequency of different types of resources consulted by the college students , purpose of using information resources and the problems encountered by the students while accessing these information resources (print/ digital)