Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Date of this Version

Winter 1-24-2020


This paper considers how important the application of social media and video conferencing in smart libraries can enable libraries deliver it services effectively. A smart library provides ways in which libraries can function effectively in a less structured, but in a creative and innovative way. With this concept of smart libraries, this paper develops and outlines the importance of applying social media and video conference to aid the smart libraries in delivering its services effectively. Social media along with video conferencing helps the library user to have direct access to the library and librarian without physically visiting the four walls of the library. The idea of smart libraries is to find ways to answer and attend to users needs and demands. As a result of the popularity of social media and video conference in the 21st century, libraries can key into them to exploit its potentials in effective service deliveries. By creating social media accounts like Facebook, twitter, whatsapp etc and video conferencing applications like zoom, skype, google hangouts etc. for a video chat with potential library patrons. The paper discusses how social media and video conferencing could be exploited and applied in smart libraries for effective service delivery. Conclusion and Recommendations were made for the benefit of the libraries.