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The paper aims that choosing a profession career as Library and Information Science (LIS) in the socio-economic scenario of Karnataka. In the survey study mainly focus on Karnataka state nine general universities LIS students. The pre-structured questionnaire distributed to 350 LIS students in nine general universities of Karnataka state. Among the 350 questionnaire get 331 filled responses. Collect the data and the analysis and summarize the information thought the using Statistical package for social science (SPPS). Major finding of the paper more female students than male students sought admission to LIS course throughout the Karnataka state universities. The LIS students more admitted by rural area and of their more parent's prime occupation is agriculture. Also found that 38.37% of the parents LIS students are do not know the aware on LIS course. Majority 81.87% of the students are join for LIS to getting a job and their future plan. Only 17.22 percent of students are intention to pursue the education and doing the Ph.D.