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Purpose – The main purpose of this paper is to investigate and analyze the web contents, and navigational strengths of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) library websites using standard evaluation criteria followed globally and to give suitable suggestions for improving/upgrading their library websites.

Design/methodology/approach – Survey of 18 IIT library websites in India based on a 100-items checklist. The IIT library websites were checked and evaluated during August 2019 and again verified between the periods of 10th September – 25th September 2019.

Findings – It is found that all the 18 IIT library websites do not fulfill all the criteria developed for the study, where 3 (16.7%) IIT library websites scored less than 50 items out of 100-items checklist. Two features, namely, “Library Website accessible in both English and Hindi language” and “Library organizational chart” was not found on any IIT library websites.

Research limitations/implications – This study includes all IITs in India which have separate library website. IITs with a dedicated library web page that contains a very few libraries related information is excluded from this study.

Originality/value – The findings of this paper will be useful in improving/upgrading library websites of any academic institution.



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