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Winter 2-1-2020


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Purpose: The purpose of this study was conducted to find out the realistic about the user’s utilization and satisfaction level of Central library of Sikkim Manipal Institute of Medical Sciences (SMIMS), Gangtok, Sikkim, India. The user’s satisfaction of a library totally depends upon the utilization of library resources and services.

Methodology: For the required queries a questionnaire was prepared for the present study and it was distributed among 120 SMIMS students randomly.

Findings: The study exposed that students use the library for browsing e-resources and borrow books as per their need. From the students responses it was clear that users give preferences on accessing e-resources than printed material.

Research Limitations: The present study is limited only for the students of the particular medical institution. The students were selected from different disciplines i.e. medical science, nursing and physiotherapy. Though faculties also use the library along with the students of this institution yet the research survey was limited for the students only.

Practical Implications: Users were satisfied by using the library services like e-resources accessing, printing & photocopying service, DDS service, SMS alert service etc. Above these services the respondents recommended for digitization of the central library for the better utilization of library services as new information and communication technology are developing day by day so it should be implemented for best practices.

Originality: This is the original study as it is absolutely based on primary data from student’s survey. Some additional data are also collected personally from the library staff to know the better utilization of library services.



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