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Knowledge Management Practices in IT Industry: A bibliometric Analysis



This article describes knowledge management practices in IT industry especially focusing on the IT services and business process outsourcing, the two wings of IT industry. The authors conducted an extensive search for academic publications on IT services and business process outsourcing in context with IT industry, published since year 1998 in reliable repositories such as Google Scholar, Scopus and Research Gate. None of these papers used bibliometric analysis on the topic. This paper systematically maps, publications on IT services and business process outsourcing in IT industry published during 1998-2018. A five step process is followed, namely (i) defining appropriate search terms, (ii) initial search results, (iii) advanced search results, (iv) initial data, statistics, and (v) data analysis; adopted for inclusion of relevant documents for publication and citation analysis. Selected documents include primary search term ‘knowledge management’ along with associated secondary term such as ‘IT services’, ‘BPO’, ‘Software sectors’ and many more as a part of the title, abstract, or keywords. The analysis finds several documents on IT services, but only few documents exist on business process outsourcing. Maximum articles are contributed on Business, Management and Accounting subjects followed by computer science, engineering, and decision sciences. Large publication and high citation counts were observed for business process outsourcing from United States and Iran authors, where as for IT services it was from Hong Kong and Spain authors. This article identifies areas of current research interests discussing crucial contributions by several authors’ and provides potential directions for further research investigations in the field.

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