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Parents play an effective role in inculcating reading habits among their children because they are the first and main strength to boost and stimulate learning potential by developing the constant habit of reading. The major objective of this study was to know the parent’s perception about the effect of leisure reading on the overall educational performance of their child and determine the parental comparative reading role in behavioral, communication and academic development of the children. The population comprised of parents of those students who were studying from 6th to 8th grades in private schools based at Lahore, Pakistan. Before visiting schools for data collection, prior permission was taken from the principals of the concerned schools. Parent’s voluntarily participated in the survey. Findings of the study showed that parent’s reading with their child has a positive impact on the educational attainment of their child. Parents play an equal role in behavioral and communication development; however, mother play more active role in the academic development of the child as a compared father, sibling and legal guardian.



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