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Winter 2-2-2020


The knowledge broker role is an opportunity for librarians to support health care workers’ by inserting knowledge into the health worker’s frontline clinical practice. Conception of an African network of knowledge brokers arose out of a knowledge broker project for health care workers initiated at Chitambo District hospital of Chitambo district in Central Zambia by the Friends of Chitambo. To achieve this, a pilot knowledge broker learning course was designed through a collaborative network between organisations in Scotland, the United Kingdom, South Africa and Zambia. The course was set in modules corresponding to elements of the Promoting Action on Research Implementation Framework – Evidence, Context and Facilitation. Formation of the African knowledge broker network was instigated through the course delivery to eight health librarians from Zambia and Zimbabwe. The course is currently being refined and will be delivered to six health librarians from Malawi, Rwanda and Zambia in the first quarter of 2020. The pilot knowledge broker learning course for Africa marks the onset of instigative sparks in the practice of knowledge brokering by African health librarians



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