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Winter 2-2-2020


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The present study revealed about the physicians perspective towards ICT application in the central library of NEIGRIHMS, Meghalaya. Medical library has been developing day by day in this technological epoch. The present study was limited only for physicians both in clinical and non clinical sections. The study was conducted by simple random sampling and data were collected by using questionnaire method from the physicians. It was noticed that 85% respondents provided responses and the received responses were analyzed and tabulated in various sections. The findings showed that physicians purpose of library usages, their attitude, impact of ICT, techniques for searching e-resources, difficulties in using the library & satisfaction level etc. The role of medical librarian is very crucial for dissemination of advanced library services in this digital environment. Physicians retrieved the recent information relating biomedical science field with the help of emerging e-resources, medical library databases & consortium. The study will help to know the ICT impact in the library and its effectiveness among the medical fraternity of NEIGRIHMS in Meghalaya state.



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