Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



This study was managed and completed with the title “Job satisfaction among library professionals at Government Colleges of Commerce and Management Sciences of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa” These colleges have been recently affiliated with Higher Education Department. This research is concerned with the satisfaction of librarians with regard to users, reading habits, provision of conveniences, their salary, up gradation in rank and professional progress. It is a descriptive and quantitative sort of research in which survey research technique was applied. A frame-work questionnaire was prepared, consisting of six sections. During the research, it was found that total number of colleges in the whole province is 35 with sixteen (16) librarians working therein. The researcher circulated questionnaires among all the librarians through various means and acquire 100% response. Multiple job facets were put to analysis and librarians were found satisfied with the job facets such as reasonable pay, per annum increment, good job security, social popularity, off-days concession, amicable attitude of higher authorities and exemption from working burden. On the other hand, the librarians found themselves dissatisfied with the job factors like lack of proper service structure, no chance of ICT training, deprivation from both national and international scholarships and no reward tradition as well. Moreover, no proper opportunity of participation in books fairs, conferences, seminar and workshops. Thus it was also reflected from the recommendations of this research that these colleges’ libraries require improvement. The researcher recommended that like other faculty members, librarians should also be obliged with proper service structure. Libraries should be furnished with latest versions of required books, computers with internet facilities and arrangement of ICT training, chances of higher education should be made available to librarians. More librarians should be employed against vacant positions. This research also recommended that the higher authorities should consider ways and means for the general amelioration of librarians and should adopt positive measures for ensuring of library professionals.