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The study was conducted in Maseno University Kenya. The study objectives were to examine the existing infrastructure that supports the delivery of IL program at Maseno University; to determine the extent of use and the relevance of e-resources to students need at Maseno University and to identify ways of improving utilization of e-resources in Maseno University. Descriptive research design was used in this study and the target population was 100 respondents. Research instruments included questionnaires and an interview schedule. Data analysis was done using descriptive statistics for analysis purpose. Quantitative data was presented in form of frequency distribution tables, pie charts, percentages, and graphs. The Findings indicated that the program was not effective due to the reason that the program covered only orientation and was very short, the number of students was too big for induction during orientation, the orientation schedule is too overloaded to allow time for IL Program, time allocated for e-resource training is not enough and time allocated for IL Program training is not adequate. The findings also revealed that there was underutilization of electronic information resources in Maseno university library as students lacked information literacy skills required despite going through the IL training program offered to them by librarians. The study recommended that IL program should emphasize more training on user instructions, computer information literacy, online databases and information searching and that the program be offered to students after registration not during registration. Also an effective information literacy program be integrated into education curriculum to enable students acquire information literacy skills that will enhance their utilization of electronic information resources.



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