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Feedback system in all learning institutions have been found to be beneficial to the institution concerned, teachers/ lecturers as well as students. This is because they help each of the groups concerned to make the necessary adjustments or modifications for the welfare of the institution in question and the students who have enrolled for the various program in that particular institution. This paper presents a report on how students reading their program by the distance learning mode are given feedback by their facilitators and how useful the feedback is to them. Again, an attempt has been made to address some of the challenges the feedback has both on the students and the institution as a whole as well as examine the effects of the feedback on the students. Primary and secondary data were used to elicit information from a sample of (N=100) being Institute of Distance Learning (IDL) Students of KNUST. Primary data were elicited through interviews whilst secondary data were secured from publications and journals relating to feedback systems. These data were analyzed and conclusion drawn. The findings of the study revealed that majority of lecturers/ facilitators are not able to give feedback to students at the time that the students would have wished to receive and make good use of it. Finally, probable recommendations and conclusion are made to enable IDL share the concerns with the facilitators they employ to assist them make a conscious effort to provide feedback to students on time.