Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Date of this Version

Fall 9-1-2020


With the continuous improvement of library services across the globe owing to automation, technological advancement, and growth in student population, rapid access to social media (SM) platforms has become a vital part of keeping present and would-be users well-versed about academic library service. The study brings to bear on the use of SM platforms in promoting library services. Using the survey approach, one hundred and seventy-six (176) library users of the University of Ghana (UG), Library System (LS) were selected to provide primary data via questionnaires. All respondents were selected through simple random sampling. The SPSS was used to generate Pearson correlation, mean, and standard deviation results.

The results revealed that the effectiveness of SM platforms has a significant positive relationship with users’ perception and its usefulness. The deployment of SM as a marketing tool in university libraries, marketing library resources, and information centres can be promoted greatly. Moreover, few challenges encountered by library users in using the SM include lack of privacy, the confidentiality of information, power cut or shortage, and inadequate training opportunities for the UGLS staff among others. The study presents opportunities useful for professional librarians.