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Data sciences usually involve data management, its utilization, distribution as well as its re-utilization. All these components need to be focused while targeting data science. Thus data puts a significant burden on research institutes because it is the authority that decides the responsible for the whole course of the procedure. It is of prime importance for data science librarians serving in data-centric age to know regarding LIS principles, theories, and other related skills that are mandatory for management and support of data science. This paper sums up the reviews of researchers regarding the data science era. Moreover, this paper includes diagnostic assessment of data science environment concerning recent advancements in data science and progress in duties of librarians, presentation of detailed data, the function of data science libraries as well as librarians concerning data users. It is supposed to be an exciting era to work in a library as its role is expanding with specific new challenges. It is the need of the current period to educate librarians, library science researchers, and students regarding understanding, utility, and management of data to meet the requirements of data science librarians.