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The wisdom value that is absorbed from the local culture which was made as a foundation by the individual in the community behaves. The value of this local wisdom can also be adopted by the government in managing its government to regulate people's behavior in society. Like what was done by the government of Bandung Regency, West Java, Indonesia, while adopting the Sabilulungan spirit which was the value of Sundanese culture. The effort to disseminate information is done as an effort to implement the concepts and values of Sabilulungan by the Bandung Regency Government, one of which is done through the dissemination of information using social media and websites from the Government of Bandung Regency. Sabilulungan is defined as working together. This study is intended to examine information dissemination and the adoption of Sabilulungan values in the administration of government in Bandung Regency which are considered to have certain results. The method used is the case study through data collection techniques: interview, observation, and study of literature. The results obtained are the results obtained are Bandung Regency Government has disseminated information through social media and the Bandung Regency Government website to optimize the implementation of Sabilulungan values and concepts by integrating various programs and using Sabilulungan's unique greetings in providing information to the public. Sabilulungan is divided into sections containing the value of the effort and results. The value of the effort absorbed into the vision and mission of the government and the results proved it into several awards obtained by the government since the value of Sabilulungan is used as the basis for the administration of the government.



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