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Winter 6-26-2020

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ARIYO, Esther Oluwayimika

BLIS (Hons), MLIS (Ibadan), CLN

OKWILAGWE, Oshiotse Andrew, Ph.D

Professor, Department of Library, Archival and Information Studies, University of Ibadan,



Academic Paper



This study investigated the influence of organisational culture on job satisfaction of library personnel in selected academic libraries in three States in South-west, Nigeria. Relevant literature on organisational culture and library organization effectiveness, job satisfaction of library personnel performance; organizational culture and job satisfaction of library personnel was reviewed. The descriptive research design of the survey type was adopted for this study. The study population consisted of 265 library personnel who were selected from three academic libraries in three states in South-west, Nigeria. Data collected, were analyzed using simple percentages and Pearson Product Moment Correlation analysis. The study provides answers to two research questions posed and one hypothesis. Findings showed that most of the professionals and the paraprofessionals of the selected academic libraries in Southwest, Nigeria noted that their libraries had good organisational culture that centred on performance of staff and good working environment and human relations. Findings also showed that most of the professionals and paraprofessionals in the selected academic libraries had high level of job satisfaction. Findings further showed a significant positive relationship between organisational culture and job satisfaction of library personnel in selected academic libraries in the three states in South-west, Nigeria (r=.529**, df =159; p<0.05). Based on these findings, the following were recommended: In order to increase the level of job satisfaction that library personnel experience, library administrators need to sustain and increase the actions that could serve as motivators. If the library personnel know that their best will not be overlooked without acknowledgement, they would continue to strive to be better and this could increase their level of satisfaction with the work. Gifts and awards can be given to motivate the library staff to be satisfied with their work.