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Spring 2-18-2020


The Present was carried outtofindouttheproductivityofNigerianauthorstolibrary philosophy and practice from 2008 to 2013.the objectives of the study were to set to disclose. The Parameters were set for this study includes to find out the frequency of publications, authors' collaboration,paperslength, references, most cited papers,andmost productive authors. The results revealed that the total number of papers has been contributed to LPP that is 226. The most number of research papers was published in 2010with76(33.62%) and the least papers were published in 2011with13(5.75%). 114(50.44%) were single authors and the least number of papers were written by more than four authorswith1(0.44%).asfarasthelengthof the paper was concerned that the majority of the paper length 6-10with116(51.32%) and 13(5.75%)paperslengthwere1-5 pages. The totalreferenceswerefoundthatis4140 and most of the references were found in 2010with1189(28.71%) and fewer references were found in 2011with237(5.72%). The most cited paper was “Application of ICTs in Nigerian Secondary Schools” with 197 citations. The most productiveauthorswereidentifiedthatisDikeAgah, Chimezie Patric Uzubgu and Akobuiridy Dugahwith 5 research papers each.



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