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Spring 4-8-2020

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Lambertson, Jesse A. 'Mind of ‘change’-Thinking: Exploring Henri Bergson, Time, Antifragility, and Life-Long Learning in Libraries.' Library Philosophy and Practice.


Explores change in libraries from the point-of-view of a lifelong learner situated in space/time. Change itself occurs over time as debated in physics from Einstein until recently with Barbour and Smolin. Bergson’s ‘dureé’ performs work in understanding time as well as frames a context to understand time as change-of-state. Uses ‘the mind’ in place of the change scenario itself in order to promote a view by which a mind can self-critique and engage change. Explores ‘now’ in time and consciousness as defined by a ‘model of mind’ with an eye towards finding motivations for embracing hard change using anti-fragility (Taleb) for a staff person and the library as an institution. Using the antifragile as the key pin, this article explores lifelong learning as a motivation for change in libraries and point-of-view of a person’s mind in that change. The style is quite subjective to reflect that point.