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Background: Knowledge translation meaning all processes of knowledge creation, knowledge transfer, and decision-makers’ use of research results, the gap between knowledge and its use is a challenge that knowledge translators can address.

Objectives: The present study aimed to investigate the status of knowledge translation among faculty members of Hamadan University of Medical Sciences, Iran.

Methods: In this survey study, a structured questionnaire was used. The study population consisted of 457 faculty members of Hamadan University of Medical Sciences, Iran. Using Krejcie and Morgan table, 208 individuals were selected as the sample. Data were analyzed by Stata software at the significant level of 0.05. Independent t-test and one-way variance analysis were used for investigating the relationship between demographic variables and knowledge translation variables including knowledge creation, knowledge transfer, research utilization, and Research question transfer.

Results: The results showed that the interest was the top priority of faculty members in selecting the research subject. Among the four domains of knowledge translation activities, knowledge transfer had the highest score and knowledge production had the lowest score. Results of statistical tests showed that there is significant relationship between knowledge production score and gender (P = 0.004), knowledge transfer score and gender (P = 0.024), and education level (P <0.001), score of evidence use promotion and gender (P = 0.001) and level of education (P = 0.04). In addition, the findings showed that the status of knowledge translation in Hamadan University of Medical Sciences, Iran is relatively favorable. The pursuit of encouraging work and policies as well as increased collaboration among expert groups to transfer research findings can reduce the gap between knowledge and practice.

Contributions: The results of this study as an Iranian experience can be a model for evaluating the use of research knowledge for other universities.