Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Date of this Version

Spring 2-25-2020


About Authors

Atta ur Rehman Marwat

Ph.D. Scholar, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur

Dr. Muhammad Younus

Assistant Professor, DLISc, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur



This study aimed to investigate the current condition of college libraries. The study also aimed to explore the role of college libraries in the teaching and learning process of the college. The study also focused on exploring the current professional challenges of the college librarians, as well as to explore current problems of the college libraries. A questionnaire survey among the college librarians was conducted to collect the data. The findings reveal that in majority colleges no separate building for the library was available. The physical facilities in the libraries were not satisfactory. There was a shortage of information resources in the libraries. The status of the ICT resources was also not encouraging. Majority libraries did not receive regular library funds. There was a lack of Para-professional staff in the libraries. In majority of colleges, the library committees have not existed. The role of the libraries in the teaching and learning process of the college was to some extent satisfactory. Lack of adequate service structure; lack of training opportunities; lack of pursuing higher qualification opportunities; lack of encouragement from the administration to participate in the professional development activities; librarians performing duties far away from their home stations; and difficulties in their transfer were some major professional challenges for the librarians. Similarly, lack of ICT resources; lack of Para-professional staff; lack of information resources; lack of funds; lack of tools, (i.e. DDC set, AACR II/RDA, Sears List of Subject Heading); lack of adequate write-off policy; and book theft were major problems, that faced college libraries.



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