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  1. Library Philosophy and Practice

  2. Library Philosophy and Practice (e-journal).

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Scientometrics is an effective method to quantitatively analyse the productivity and progress of all forms of written communication. This study aims to examine the scientific research productivity of Library Philosophy and Practice (e-journal) for a selected period of 22 years between 1998 and 2019. Required data pertaining to this study under various parameters were collected from Scopus database. Further, analysis was carried out under various dimensions to measure the year wise distribution of articles published during the selected period, its relative growth rate, doubling time, collaboration coefficient, country and affiliation wise distribution of articles and its citation patterns etc. The findings of the study revealed that the highest numbers of articles were published in the year 2019 and the lowest appeared in the year 1998. In the year 2013, there was no single article of the journal indexed in Scopus database. The country wise distribution of articles showed that the highest contribution of 33.52% made from Nigeria, while the institution wise distribution indicated that the University of Ibadan was rated as the highest research producer. Analysis also revealed that the average citation per paper during the selected period was 1.51. Authors found from the analysis that the publication title 'Using Google Analytics for improving library website content and design: A case study' authored by Fang W. received a citation of 67 and ranked as the highly cited paper during the period of study.



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