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Winter 4-1-2020


Coronavirus, a pandemic threat to human beings, has awakened huge concern worldwide, but no bibliometric studies have been conducted on Coronavirus research during 2011-Feb.2020. The aim of this study is to map research productivity on the Coronavirus based on the articles indexed in the Scopus database. The articles related to Coronavirus dated from 2011 to Feb. 2020 were retrieved from the Scopus database. A total of 7558 papers were retrieved for this study which indexed by the Scopus database during 2010-Feb. 2020. The most productive year is recognized 2015with 1012 (13.38 %) articles while Maximum AGR 40.38 percent was recorded in the year. The USA ranked first with 2373 publications, followed by China with1378 publications while The Journal of Virology published the highest 330 articles followed by PLoS One with 224 articles. Dusten, C. is ranked topmost productive corresponding author ( first position) with 108 articles followed by Memish, Z.A. with 107 articles. Medicine subject identified as the top subject for publishing paper on Coronavirus followed by Immunology and Microbiology. The title Isolation of a novel coronavirus from a man with pneumonia in Saudi Arabia received the highest 1346 citations, followed by Immune Signaling by RIG-I-like Receptors with 818 citations.