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Objectives: This study intended to examine and document the published evidence in recent years (1982-2019) regarding physical therapy research in Saudi Arabia. Methods: A bibliometric review of the original papers were conducted to assess the various aspects of physical therapy in Saudi Arabia. We performed a bibliometric analysis of data retrieval for physical therapy the keywords physiotherapy or physical rehabilitation or physical therapy or physiotherapy or manual therapy the publications from 1982 to 2019 were retrieved from the Web of Science Core Collection database. Microsoft Excel, Thomson Data Analyzer, and VOSviewer software were used to analyze publishing trends, top journals, organizational cluster analysis, countries cluster analysis, highly cited articles. Results: A total of n=489 papers were published during the study period, giving an average of 12.86 papers per annum. A total of (n=444) documents (90.79 percent) were multi-authored and (n=44) documents (9.21 percent) were single-authored publications. The Journal of Physical Therapy Science (n=53) got the highest number of articles during the period of study. King Saud University (n=176) located in Saudi Arabia is the highest number of articles published related to physical therapy. Egypt, India, USA, Australia, and England those countries are the most collaborative countries with Saudi Arabia related to physical therapy research. James, Spencer L entitled “Global, regional, and national incidence, prevalence, …” got the highest citations.

CONCLUSION: The size of literature in physical therapy showed a noticeable increase in the past decade in Saudi Arabia.



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