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Summer 3-3-2020


Microplastic pollution is a global problem because of its ecological and socioeconomic impacts on the environment. The large size plastic waste, under the action of ultraviolet radiation, pressure, and wind or wave action, breaks down into particles smaller than 5 mm referred to as microplastic. This huge amount of microplastic enters the ecosystem eventually leading to soil pollution. It has been established that microplastics enter the food chain when animals eat or ingest contaminated food materials.and have an adverse effect on human health The present paper investigates, past researches in the area of microplastic pollution of soil, by a detailed bibliometric analysis. The analysis is done by using the Scopus and Web of Science databases and tools like VOSviewer, Word cloud, and Imap builder. From the database of Scopus and web of science, it is observed that the publications on microplastic pollution of soil are 123 is Article and 34 is a Review article. The quantum of research is limited but an increasing trend is observed from the year 2017. The survey revealed that the maximum publications of microplastic pollution in the soil are journals articles. Chinese lead publications followed by the United States and Canada. The paper concludes that the research area is recent and more research is required in the domain of microplastic pollution of soil.



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