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Spring 3-7-2020


This research study aims to find out the research productivity of Nigerian and Indian authors to the library philosophy and practice from 2008 to 2013. The present study also finds the frequency of productivity, author collaboration,paperslength, most cited papers, and most references as well as most productive authors. The present research finds the 226 research articles have been contributed by Nigerian authors and 193 papers have been contributed by Indian authors. The highest number of papers has been written by Nigerian authors was 76 in 2010 and from the Indian 60 papers were contributed in 2013. This present study identifies those 114 single authors from Nigeria and 80 from India. 116 papers from Nigerian authors those range 6-10 pages while 57 from India. The total numbers of references were used by Nigerian authors those were 4140 whileIndianwas used 3243 references from 2008 to 2013. The most productive authors S.Thanuskodi from India who wrote 09 papers and Dike Agah from Nigeria have contributed only 5 papers. The most cited papers were retrieved from Nigerian author with 197 citations while 82 citations were received from India.