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Summer 3-9-2020


A Comparative Study of Service Quality and User Assessment among the Autonomous Colleges of Thrissur District Using LibQUAL+® Tool


Library is a service organization. Being a service organization, the satisfaction of the user is the primary concern. The present scenario of human development, which is aided and driven by Information and Communication Technology (ICT), make it necessary to consider all the aspects of a library (collection as well as service) while assessing the service quality. In this paper an effort has been made to assess the quality of information resources and services offered by three autonomous colleges of Thrissur District (Kerala) using the three dimensions of LibQUAL+® tool, i.e., ‘Affect of Service’, ‘Information Control’, and ‘Library as a Place’. LibQUAL+® is a tool for measuring library users’ perceptions of service quality, and it identifies the gap among minimum, desired and perceived expectations of service.



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