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Spring 3-10-2020


This study investigates reading habits amongst undergraduate students. Thus, the study discovered among others, the meaning of reading and the types of reading habits usually engage in by undergraduate students. To achieve this study, four (4) research objectives and from which the research questions were derived were formulated and they are: to ascertain the time spent by undergraduate students in reading; to identify the various reading habits of undergraduate students; to determine the factors affecting the reading habits of undergraduate students; to know the effect reading habits has on undergraduate students. The study adopted a descriptive research method which gives room for the collection of data through questionnaire. The data collected were presented using frequency distribution, tables, figures and percentage. Data collected were also interpreted and analyzed to arrive at the findings of the study. The study discovered among others, that the respondents spent majorly two to four hours (2-4) in reading; also it indicated that series of assignment, personal busy schedule, poor lightings, poor library environment, parental socio-economic status and inadequate books are majorly the factors that affect the reading habits of the respondents either positively or negatively by the respondents again, it revealed that good reading habits helps to boost ones reading speed, widens ones experiences and knowledge, makes one to keep abreast of what is happening per time, it serves as a means of entertainment and above all, it brings about good performance in a given task. The study was concluded by given recommendations to the above findings so as to have good reading habits or culture.



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