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This study looked at the security and crime challenges facing library resources in Joseph Ayo Babalola University, Ikeji Arakeji, Nigeria. The security and prevention of crimes in academic libraries are essential duties for librarians. As a result of crime and security violations and their effects in academic libraries, patrons at times are unable to locate information materials they desire. This situation portrays the library ineffectual in fulfilling users’ information needs and in its mission generally. The paper, therefore, investigated the security contraventions in academic libraries in Nigeria University Libraries with a focus on the situation in Joseph Ayo Babalola University, Ikeji -Arakeji. The survey research method was expended for the study. Data for the study was collected using questionnaires designed and distributed to the staff of the library and students of the university. In analyzing and presenting the data collected, simple percentages (%) were used. The result of the finding showed that the library is confronted with various types of security and crime problems which include book theft, book mutilations, noise-making, eating in the library, non-return of library materials, keeping borrowed material beyond due dates, purposeful wrong shelving of books, writing on and in books. The study also discovered that print materials like textbooks, serial/periodical materials, reference materials, and reserve materials are the most vulnerable to security violations. The study recommended the intensification of security in the library premises and in the various reading halls through increased supervision, patrolling of the porters, surveillance, and installation of electronic security gadgets (CCTV) in the library building and the enactment of a written security policy for the library. The paper also suggested that enlightenment lectures should be given to the students and other staff users on the need to observe the library rules and regulations and on the preservation and conservation of library resources.